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To awaken the spirit of God within us, love one another as Christ loved the church, reach the lost and serve the Lord according to His word.


To help us ARISE above the past, BUILD our faith, and CREATE our destinies through relationship with Christ by way of prayer, praise and discipleship.

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Awaken Church

21 W Laurel Drive Suite 65, Salinas, CA 93906


Kristen & John Edgar

Lead Pastor's

Johnny and Shandon Mitchell

Administration and Deacons


Mikayla/Vocals-Keyboard, Jeremiah/Lead Guitar, Chai/Guitar-Bass-Vocals, Brandon/Drums, Kassie/Vocals, Kristen/Vocals

Rosalie Asanon

Children's Ministry Coordinator

Jeremiah and Mikayla Edgar

Praise Team and Staff Members

Matt Mewborn

Outreach Coordinator and Deacon

Parking in the REAR of building.